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FarmGreat Affiliate Program Rewards Immensely

Partner with us as a publisher, affiliate marketer, blogger or as an online marketer and accelerate your full human potentials. Be part of something great, and profit from Our Trusted Medical Experts’ knowledge and health solutions based products in an industry that is virtually recession-free. Creating unlimited income potentials with brands you’ll love to share. FarmGreat affiliate marketing program empowers advertisers, bloggers and publishers of all sizes to create a powerful income stream and grow their businesses. Monetize your online marketing efforts with our leading brand-name programs and exclusive offers. Experience big financial rewards using our innovative robust and high-performance affiliate tools, which increase conversion rate and performance results. Share the products your followers, friends and associates will love to see and enjoy. They’ll receive discounts and you earn Monetary Rewards. Whether you focus on website marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, or other online channels, FarmGreat will help you maximize your revenue opportunities.

Grow With Us

Health and Wellness Industry Is The Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity. With FarmGreat exclusive breakthrough health solution-based products, with people of all ages becoming more health conscious every day, you'll stand a chance to earn limitless income and cash rewards by partnering today as an Affiliate

Data. In Real-Time

Everything you've come to expect plus a whole lot more. Our data provide details that help increase your revenues. Product level reportingallows you to see what products are performing on your site enabling superior content optimization and our tracking makes sure you get credit for It.

Endless Earnings

It’s about you, our customer—and our unmatched, proven ability to serve you. For over 14 years we have been delivering results to our affiliates and proven solution-based products to customers. Whenever your client orders/ reorders any product you'll keep earning again and again and again*. Isn't that wonderful?

Affiliate Marketers’ Top-3-Ways of Earning Potentials

Here you go… Creating a profitable partnership with the world's best known pharmaceutical products brands of quality. Promote/ publish our powerful health solution based products to your wide audience and get paid anytime your audience buys any products from your assigned FarmGreat website. The income stream is massive... Earn up to 15% commission whenever a consumer orders products from your FarmGreat website, either as a retail consumer or as a preferred customer. You’ll continue to earn these commissions for as many times as your referrals order and reorder.

It is a win-win program for you and your referrals. When your referral becomes a regular user of our multifarious products (preferred customer)... He will enjoy 20% discount and all its accrued benefits as preferred customer. Simply get the person enroll by creating a preferred customer account. E.g. Direct the regular customer to click join now menu at your assigned website, select sign up as a preferred customer and complete the registration; this person has just become your personal customer. He can now order product of his choice from his back office simply by clicking on product menu… Note: order made outside his back office will not award him 20% discount. Preferred customer must order product from his back office to enjoy 20% discount, by simply clicking login menu, select login as preferred customer, enter his username and password, and then click product menu at his back office.

1. Preferred Customer Order Commission: You will earn as much as 15% commission of the value of each order and reorder made by your preferred customer. Thus there is no limit on how much you can earn from preferred customers’ orders even while you sleep. Your FarmGreat website is a powerful online store… as you share FarmGreat products with your friends, loved ones, and followers, some of these prospects may resolve to order FarmGreat products for their individual health needs on retail bases, and thus become your retail consumers simply by signing up as retail consumers and ordering products directly from your FarmGreat website.

In addition to all support and marketing tools readily available at your business centre (Back Office), FarmGreat provides you a unique amazing tool (Coupon Code) for attracting retail customers; you can generate as many coupon codes as you want simply by generating BonusPoints by performing simple actions at your business centre. Each coupon code offers 10% discount of any retail order made at your FarmGreat site, thus you can increase patronage and retail order at your site by sharing your coupon codes and offering friends and prospects 10% discount of any retail order they'll make from your FarmGreat site.

2. Thank you Retail Commission: You will earn as much as 15% commission of the value of each retail product order made by retail customers at you FarmGreat site.

3. Affiliate Marketer’s Performance Bonus: Annual Affiliate Marketers Thank You Commission. FarmGreat pays Affiliate Marketers 10% Affiliate Marketers Thank You Commission annually. When your entire orders hit USD 1,500.00 within any 12 calendar months, you'll earn 10% of the USD 1,500.00. If you double it, you'll earn 20%. If it is multiplied by three, you'll also earn 30% of the USD 1,500.00. Affiliate Marketers Thank You Commission.

You Got Nothing To Lose...

FarmGreat takes responsibility for all transactions in your site as well as for delivery of these products to the respective customer, while your commissions are instantly credited to your E-WalIet.

How it Works


Refer Your Friends, Family and Followers to Your FarmGreat website and watch results.


You’ll earn commissions when they make a purchase.


Keep earning commissions anytime time a purchase is made In your site.


Immediately you sign-up as an Affiliate Marketer, you'll automatically get incorporated into FarmGreat business with personal executive website, and be assigned with a unique URL code (referral link), which is your FarmGreat business domain.


When you share your unique URL code, you are creating streams of income, while Preferred Customers enjoy 20% discount from their orders, and Retail Customers gain 10% discounts with coupons. FarmGreat Affiliates are part of a caring, supportive community in living a lifestyle of wellness unlike any other.


You'll earn up to 15% from both new and old Preferred Customers and Retail Consumer orders. You’ll repeatedly earn from their carts every time they reorder FarmGreat products. FarmGreat business opportunity takes full advantage of today's technology. You can be on your favorite beach while your automated FarmGreat business runs and makes money 24/7.


Your commission is automatically deposited into your account immediately transaction occurs in your FarmGreat site. You can make withdrawal of this money any day and any time. Getting commissions paid is simple and flexible. Affiliates can choose payment options from our varieties of payment options on how they may like to get their earnings and commissions paid.


Your commission is automatically deposited into your account immediately any transaction occurs in your FarmGreat site. You can make withdrawal of this money any day and any time. You’ll earn commission whenever product is ordered from your FarmGreat site whether by a retail consumer or by a Preferred Customer. You’ll get paid as many times as transaction occurs in your FarmGreat site with most simplified fund withdrawal methodology..


FARM-GREAT takes responsibility of all transactions in your site as well as for delivery of those goods to the respective customers, while your commissions are instantly credited to your Wallet. Immediately you sign-up, you'll automatically get incorporated into FarmGreat business with personal executive website alongside with secured back office, packed up with our powerful technology and easy-to-use tools.

Why Affiliates Love FarmGreat

Our robust suite of tools enables you to easily and powerfully advertise down to a product-level.

Streamline advertising efforts and save time. Here's a taste of how.

Exclusive Brands

Advertise in new, targeted ways with our cutting-edge suite of tools.

Robust Reporting

See sales instantly, right when they happen - not in hours or days latter.

Powerful Tecnology

Access to innovative technologies built around affiliate specific needs.

Dynamic Deals

Get active sales, coupons and promotions tools.

Affiliate Link Encoder

Get all your promotional tools and referral link automatically encoded.

Custom Tracking

Each visitor of your FarmGreat site is automatically tracked and saved.

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