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Preferred Customers’ Top-3-Ways of Earning Potentials

Imagine a career that becomes a community, where wellness is a way of life and doing what you love leads naturally to success, creating passive income streams just by sharing FarmGreat’s health and wellness information with others.

It’s a new kind of world.

And so we’re a new kind of business.

FarmGreat is reinventing what personal selling means. With lots of fun and healthy
products a click away, our business model takes the best of sales/ marketing and
combines it with e-commerce, party planning and social sharing to carve out a fresh,
new space. So get cozy. You’re going to like it here.

When you sign up as a preferred customer, you have not only signed up for health and wellness solutions, but you have unlocked doors of income streams. Enjoying extra savings of purchasing products at the wholesale price, Preferred Customer Welcome Gift with first order, and advantage of our convenient delivery service of your monthly orders.

Build your biz.

Your way.

Welcome to the new economy, where social selling is quickly emerging as the most popular – and lucrative – way to combine a healthy and balanced lifestyle with serious financial opportunity. This isn’t about 9 to 5. More like 24/7 freedom. How far you go is up to you, but we’ll give you the tools and support to get there, at your own pace.

Partnering with FarmGreat Business is a hobby you'll find yourself doing and enjoying.

Our success wasn't due to fancy packaging or inexpensive products. It was because our customers, which you are one of them love their results and couldn't help but tell others about their amazing experience regarding FarmGreat products. So, if our customers' success stories were fuelling our success in business, why not we pay them for it? Thus FarmGreat has developed a powerful platform and tools to enable you do it better and be awesomely rewarded.
Your assigned personal website is a powerful and automated online health solution business store you've just tapped into, which is capable of earning you hundreds and thousands of extra income on daily and weekly bases. Imagine having a personal FarmGreat online store fully backed by our team of dedicated experts, who are readily available to provide supports and solutions to medical concerns of your clients and prospects.

Be a smart earner.

Preferred Customers’ Top-3-Ways of Earning Potentials.

Here you go… Become a smart earner simply by sharing FarmGreat products with your friends and loved ones who may like to use our products because of their many health benefits and solutions. You'll earn commissions from any of their orders. When your referral becomes a regular user of our multifarious products (preferred customer)... he will enjoy 20% discount and all its accrued benefits as preferred customer. Simply get the person enroll by creating a preferred customer account. E.g. Direct the regular customer to click join now menu at your assigned website, select sign up as a preferred customer and complete the registration. This person has just become your personal customer. He can now order product of his choice from his back office simply by clicking on product menu… Note: order made outside his back office will not award him 20% discount. Preferred customer must order product from his back office to enjoy 20% discount, by simply clicking login menu, select login as preferred customer, enter his username and password, and then click product menu at his back office.

1. Preferred Customer Order Commission: You will earn as much as 15% commission of the value of each order and reorder made by your preferred customer. Thus there is no limit on how much you can earn from preferred customers’ orders even while you sleep.

Your FarmGreat website is a powerful online store… as you share FarmGreat products with your friends, loved ones, followers, some of these prospects may resolve to order FarmGreat products for their individual health needs on retail bases, and thus become your retail consumers simply by signing up as retail consumers and ordering products directly from your FarmGreat website. In addition to all support and marketing tools readily available at your business centre (Back Office), FarmGreat provides you a unique amazing tool (Coupon Code) for attracting retail customers; you can generate as many coupon codes as you want simply by generating BonusPoints by performing simple actions at your business centre. Each coupon code offers 10% discount of any retail order made at your FarmGreat site, thus you can increase patronage and retail order at your site by sharing your coupon codes and offering friends and prospects 10% discount of any retail order they'll make from your FarmGreat site.

2. Thank you Retail Commission: You will earn as much as 15% commission of the value of each retail product order made by retail customers at your FarmGreat site. There is no limit to how much you can earn; you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars on weekly/ monthly bases from sales made at your site. Isn't this wonderful...?

3. Preferred Customer Performance Bonus: Annual Preferred Customers Thank You Commission. FarmGreat pays preferred customers 10% Preferred Customers Thank You Commission annually. When your entire orders hit USD 1,000.00 within any 12 calendar months, you'll earn 10% of the USD 1,000.00. If you double it, you'll earn 20%. If it is multiplied by three, you'll also earn 30% of the USD 1,000.00. Preferred Customers Thank You Commission.

With dedicated support from FarmGreat team of experts and your team, and an industry-leading compensation plan, you can take control of your future by signing up as a member associate and building a thriving business with matchless payment opportunities. You'll have the entire FarmGreat family by your side to encourage you, every step of the way.

Take the next step.

You want to live a life filled with possibility, passion and prosperity.

We’ll help make it happen.

Living life your way now comes with a few health benefits.

Pursue Your Passion.

Many of us dream of owning a business. And not just any business, but one that lets us explore our passions and become part of something we wholeheartedly believe in. Well, here’s your chance, you know, without the whole going it alone and risking everything bits.

Financial Freedom

Money certainly isn’t everything. Not even close. However, it does give you options. The FarmGreat opportunity can help you provide extra income so you can better support your family,
experience new things and pursue your passion. It’s about living more and worrying less.

You Got Notting To Lose...

FarmGreat takes responsibility of all transactions in your site, as well as for delivery of those goods to their respective customers, while your commissions are instantly credited to your E-Wallet.


When you believe in yourself, the rest of the world does, too. And so like any good friend, we make it a point to tell you how awesome you are and always celebrate your successes. That means events, rewards and support at every level. Not just from us, but from your upline team leaders and peers. So put on your party pants, we’re going to have a lot to celebrate.


Nine-to-five is great for some people, but is it great for you? We provide flexibility so you can go where you want, when you want. Even if that place is the spa. We also help make magical unicorn-like things, such as early retirement, a real possibility.

Residual Income

Imagine being paid month after month for work you did years earlier. That kind of compensation is called “residual income,” and it’s a key feature and benefits of the FarmGreat Compensation Plan. It’s also vital to helping you get what you want.

Preferred Customer has 3 ways to earn, while Member Associate has 21 Ways to Earn Commissions in addition to 22 Lifestyle Rewards. To review Member Associates Reward Plans, Click Hear.

A Health Community of Like-Minded Friends

Relationships are a huge part of achieving a fulfilling life. We don’t take that for granted, nope, not one bit. When you join our inspiring community, you’ll make countless friends who share an interest in good health and making a difference in the world. It’s like being part of a giant, and hugely supportive family, without the endless bickering and forced family functions.

We invite you to join our family! Experience the vitality, the abundance and the prosperity of the FarmGreat lifestyle!

Personal Growth

Passion, positivity and the pursuit of betterment have helped us create a unique business that inspires individuals like you—and reminds us all that our health and lives can always be better. When you attach yourself to such an important message and mission, it’s inevitable that you’ll become better, too. And as you continue to accomplish goals and develop new skills, you’ll help others thrive. It’s the gift that just keeps giving, err, growing.

We offer a business opportunity unlike any other. One that helps you change lives—and enhances your own life in return.

Won't you rather choose to be a member associate and enjoy all inclusive offer and powerful income plan

SuperStart Your FarmGreat Business as CEO DISTRIBUTOR

CEO Distributor Mega Pack

The products you love.

The tools to succeed.

Start building your status as a CEO-Qualified Distributor.
When you choose to enroll as a member associate from our four classes of partnership categories. Each one is designed around our unique categories of solution-based products.

Get free gifts with FarmGreat SuperStart First Order. SuperStart Your FarmGreat Business as DISTRIBUTOR by making your first wholesale order with 450 GQV. And be eligible to share from our global Livelihood Allowance, and thus maximize your family's full potential.

You can develop retail customers and expose potential team members with your first wholesale product order! The goal of every Member Associate should be to achieve the DISTRIBUTORSHIP milestone within his first calendar month and get free SuperStart System Gifts with your first order.

Member Associate minimum order is 75BVs. Each product has a Business Volume (BV) attached to it. Amount of products that generate 75BVs are determined by selected products and their BVs. What products will inspire your next business move?

Take the next step.

You want to live a life filled with possibility, passion and prosperity.

We’ll help make it happen.

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