At FarmGreat, we care about your needs and are committed to ensure you maximize your human potential and fulfil a lifestyle of your dream. Your success is our name, thus realizing your potential is a yardstick that measures our success. Once you sign-up as a Member Associate, you'll automatically get incorporated into income position within FarmGreat Genealogy Organization, with personal executive website alongside with secured back office, packed-up with marketing tools and resources you'll need to succeed in FarmGreat business.

As you begin to understand how incredibly powerful and in demand the FarmGreat products and services really are, the more you understand our products uniqueness, the more your passion for health and for helping others live healthier will grow, and the more you will want to share our health and solution-based products with others.

FarmGreat matchless Multi-Tiered Uni-level Dynamic Compensation Plan gives you several ways to earn generous commissions on daily, weekly and monthly bases. Thus you'll secure unlimited earning potential that guarantees financial future. With all those internet sales going on at, wouldn't it be incredible if you could share in ALL of the profits? Not just your own sales, your team sales and the sales of people you've introduced to FarmGreat, but from hundreds of thousands of other FarmGreat partners, too? Well, hold on to your hat, because, as a FarmGreat member associate, you get that too! Seriously!

In addition to profits from all our experts' deep knowledge base and products that cover most growing health needs, in today's e-commerce, your FarmGreat personal website has inbuilt shopping cart which takes care of the entire customer ordering process, while we deliver these products to customers.

Hundreds of thousands of FarmGreat products are sold in over 190 countries worldwide and we're growing as prospects hunt for our products by the minute. We put 1% from our monthly global sales into Executive Bonus Pool. This whopping pool is evenly shared to all qualified member associates!

Now Is The Time

There are key trends at work that will determine the next trillion dollar industry and who will benefit or miss out on it — trends in the economy, in healthcare and in an aging population. Find out how you can capitalize on these trends and reap the rewards.

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It's Your Time

Have you ever wished that you had invested in Google or Apple before they became global giants? The forward-thinking people who recognized the potential in these unique ground floor concepts seized the opportunity and are now enjoying incredible rewards.

So much of success is dependent on factors beyond your control. The stock price goes up after you've sold it. The real estate bubble bursts after you've bought your house. Your job is insecure due to the economy or outsourcing. But what if you'd known that stock was positioned for rapid growth? Or that where you bought your house was about to be flooded with new homes? Or that the industry you worked in was losing jobs? What is the one factor that would have made all the difference? Timing. Experts know that being in the right place, at the right time can tip the scales in your favor.

So how do you get positioned for the next important economic shift? The good news is that you don't have to have a crystal ball to know what's going to happen next. There are key trends at work right now that will determine the future trends in the economy, in healthcare, in an aging population. Because if you know what's coming, you can make the right move before it's too late. Being in the right place at the right time has made a difference throughout history and can make a difference for you, today.

You hold in your hand the opportunity to be a part of another global giant, one whose potential is unlimited. So, the question is, are you a forward thinker? Can you see the overwhelming success awaiting you in FarmGreat business?

FarmGreat has taken the fear out of Internet marketing. People with no experience can engage in doing business online. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain when you follow the training. The most exciting thing about FarmGreat is that you are rewarded while training. It's like an incentive to move to the next level.

FarmGreat Business Is Fun, Exciting And Lucrative

One Hundred and Eighty Days SuccessDigest (SD180) is a competition in which you compete globally with every other FarmGreat member associates who joined FarmGreat the same day you did. We've already mentioned that FarmGreat business is both profitable and fun. This fun starts immediately you enroll as Member Associate. The idea is to outclass them all and, on your 180th day in FarmGreat, be named the champion of your class—SuccessDigest 180 Champion! To be named the SuccessDigest 180 Champion of your class, you'll simply need to accumulate the highest number of BPs in your class.

While you're competing in SD180, you're accumulating lots of BonusPoints—points that can put lots of money in your pocket. Winners of their SD180 class are opportune to share from SD180 global various awards and special recognition. You'll receive SD180 Contestant badge, SD180 Champion Bonus, SD180 Champion Monthly 20 Member Reward Bonus Points (MRBPs) for twelve months and many more.

SD180 also features a Monthly SD180 Global Recruiting Championship contest with more recognition and prizes. Each month of your 180 days Success Digest Contest, you can earn monetary award and special recognition as the monthly BonusPoints champion of your class either globally or in your country by having the most BP for the month.

There is no qualification required to enter SD180 contest. Every member associate becomes eligible at the point of joining FarmGreat business, and there are no special purchase requirements to participate in the SD180 contest. Unlock your full potentials with SD180 contest flight…which allows you to build the simplest and most sustainable wealth. You can simply earn unlimited BonusPoints through a variety of educational and business-building actions while learning and creating successful FarmGreat business. Click Here to learn more.

Country Business Development Commission

Country Business Development Commission is an impressive revolutionary business mover's commission that will amaze even the most experienced gurus in network marketing. Think about this, an opportunity to become a Country Business Developer and earn 0.30 % commission from every sale and order made from the country where you are leading as Country Business Developer. Imagine working with great team leaders that are highly motivated in building FarmGreat business, exploring all our supporting and marketing tools; no doubt within a year you'll have over three million dollar sales and orders in that country.

Let's say a total sum of 60,000,000 USD sales and orders occur in a country where you’re retained as Country Business Developer within a year. Your Country Business Developer commission will be calculated as 0.3 % of 60,000,000 USD sales/ orders... You'll be banking a total sum of 180,000 USD. Isn't this amazing? This is in addition to all other benefits and commissions you have earned and will continue to earn as a Member Associate. Every sponsor of Country Business Developer also earns Country Business Development Matching Bonus.

If you are the sponsor of a Country Business Developer of any country, say you are the enroller of a Member Associate that becomes a Country Business Developer of any country, you will earn a Matching Bonus from his Country Business Development Leader Commission. E.g. If your enrolled Country Business Developer earns 0.3 % of the total sales and orders in a year, which amount the sum of 180,000 USD as his Country Business Development commission, you will earn 0.05% of this 60,000,000 USD sales and orders which amount to 30,000 USD as Country Business Developer Matching Bonus. The startling point here is that both the Country Business Developer and the sponsor are in real profit boom. To exploit this opportunity, take up your Country Business Development position.

  •   Monthly... Executive Bonus Pool
  •   Monthly...Country Business Development Commission
  •   Monthly...Residual Commission
  •   Monthly...Family Livelihood Allowance
  •   Monthly...Team Leader Commission
  •   Monthly...Leadership Maching Bonus

Elegant Presidential Car And Imperial Diamond Jeep Awards

Extraordinary Double Mobility, a Ground-Breaking and Over-The-Top FarmGreat Best-Known Luxury Car Program*. FarmGreat offers two elegant car awards to associates in two different levels. THIS IS THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER AFFLUENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN THE MARKET TODAY. You'll potentially earn USD 15,000.00 to buy any most sophisticated and sought-after luxury car of your choice that represents the FarmGreat standard of excellence when you achieve the rank of Presidential Diamond Director. Furthermore, you will earn another potential USD 25,000.00 for a Prime Master Brand New Jeep Award when you achieve the rank of Imperial Diamond Director, to buy any most sophisticated and sought-after luxury Jeep of your choice that represents the FarmGreat standard of excellence. This is pure leverage without any hidden clause or obligation attached as found in most other pay plans.

Annual International Exotic Tour

FarmGreat wants to reward you and recognize your success as you build your business and achieve the rank of Black Diamond Director. Our Lifestyle Rewards Program will enable you to enjoy the luxury lifestyle that your efforts deserve. ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL EXOTIC TOUR... The best just got better! You and your spouse are invited to join us on an international exotic luxury vacation. FarmGreat exotic vacation is a couple's delight, being in love with supreme vacation packages at Royal Resort vacation of fun in the sun. Wine and dine with other leaders and the Company owners on our annual Diamond Discovery in one of the world's most exclusive five-star resorts and experience some incredible adventure together. This is the ultimate dream lifestyle, an incredible experience you'll want to share with your entire friends.

Imperial International Medical Tour

Its your right to receive world class medicare services. You can earn FarmGreat Imperial International Medical Tour whose benefits cannot be over-emphasized. In the USA and throughout the Western world, it is becoming common knowledge that medical tourism offers best option for receiving medical treatment without compromising on quality. You'll be awarded with an Annual Imperial International Medical Tour when you achieve the rank of Imperial Diamond Director.

Imperial Three Bedroom Bungalow

Go Big... Go for Home! FarmGreat Imperial Three Bedroom Bungalow Housing Award is simply every associate's DREAM of Excellence, the biggest, distinctive and most prestigious landmark achievement in FarmGreat business. Three bedroom suites bungalow is an integral element in FarmGreat world most outstanding and astonishing associates-centric compensation plan, designed with sustainable and reproducible features. In a bid to ensure FarmGreat associate’s full comfort and total empowerment lifestyle, FarmGreat awards member associate 3 Bedroom Bungalow worth over 40,000 USD. Which you'll qualify for immediately you achieve Imperial Diamond Director the 36th time.


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