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A FarmGreat Preferred Customer (“Preferred Customer”) is an individual who has joined the FarmGreat Preferred Customer Program, and is able to purchase FarmGreat Products (“Products”) at a discount. The Preferred Customer’s discount level ranges from twenty to thirty percent (20-30%) depending on the volume of purchases made.

A Preferred Customer is not a FarmGreat Member and thus cannot enroll Affiliate Marketer or Member Associate. Preferred Marketer is not permitted to hulk, sell or resell Product(s). However, Preferred Customer can recommend FarmGreat product and services to his friends and followers who may like to buy FarmGreat product through his assigned website, and may also enroll people who will like to become regular user of FarmGreat product as a Preferred Customer through his assigned website, and earn commissions as prescribed at Preferred Customer Reward Plan page.

Becoming a Preferred Customer

To become a Preferred Customer is absolutely free. You must complete the online enrollment process, read and accept these Terms & Conditions, be at least 18 years of age, reside in a geographic area where FarmGreat conducts its direct selling business and place a minimum product(s) order of 50.00 USD. You may enroll as a Preferred Customer through a Distributor’s FarmGreat website, the FarmGreat website or over the phone by contacting FarmGreat Customer Service at 234-802-992-0827. A FarmGreat Preferred Customer is required to maintain a 50.00 USD minimum monthly product order.

Preferred Customer Discount

As a Preferred Customer, you receive a discount on Products and may, periodically, receive additional loyalty-related benefits. Once your Preferred Customer account is established, you will gain access to a 20% discount on Products. Your discount can increase based on your Product purchases volume, as reflected below.

Preferred Customer Discount Level Schedule

Total Product Purchases Volume


$0 - $499.99


$500 - $999.99




Sales tax as well as standard shipping & handling charges will apply to all Preferred Customer orders, unless there is a promotional shipping rate available at the time of purchase.

Purchasing Products Using Your Preferred Customer Account

As a Preferred Customer, you will select a username and password at the time of enrollment, which you will use as your login.

In order to place a Product order using your Preferred Customer product discount, you will: (1) log into your Preferred Customer account (Back Office) from the FarmGreat website by clicking Login link, select login as a Preferred Customer, enter your username and password, type image code and click login. (2) Under product menu, click on Product Ordering Page, select product(s) and checkout. (3) Enter your credit card valid details and submit. If you desire to pay with your local currency for your Preferred Customer order, you must contact FarmGreat Customer Service at 234-802-992-0827 for advice and support. Note: order made outside preferred customer back office will not award him 20% discount. Preferred customer must order product from his back office to enjoy 20% discount, by following the above directives.

Once an order is completed and payment made, it cannot be changed.  It is immediately transmitted to the Distribution Center to be filled and shipped.

Failure to notify FarmGreat of any shipping discrepancy or damage within thirty (30) days of shipment will cancel the Preferred Customer’s right to request a correction. If an order must be rerouted, it will be at the Preferred Customer’s expense. Please contact FarmGreat Customer Service at 234-802-992-0827 to correct a shipping discrepancy.

FarmGreat charges sales tax on the purchase price of the Preferred Customer’s Product order based on the shipping destination. Sales tax charges will vary by Product and by state.

Preferred Customer Membership Upgrade/ Renewal

There is no upgrade/ renewal fee for Preferred Customers; however a Preferred Customer may decide to create an Affiliate Marketers Account or Member Associate account based on personal interest and benefits. Each of these accounts can run concurrently and are subject to FarmGreat terms and conditions.

Co-Registrants and Married Preferred Customers

The spouse of a Preferred Customer may become a Co-Registrant on a Preferred Customer’s membership. If an individual enrolls as a Preferred Customer and his or her spouse also wishes to become a Preferred Customer, the spouse must enroll as a Co-Registrant on the membership. Spouses may be added as a Co-Registrant at the same time the individual becomes a Preferred Customer, or at a later date. Both the Primary Registrant and the Co-Registrant have the same rights and access their account, while system sees them as individual separate account.

Married couples may have two different Preferred Customers memberships’ accounts. If two Preferred Customers subsequently marry, both can continue to run concurrently.

A Preferred Customer membership shall be responsible for the activities of a spouse, whether or not the spouse participated in the Preferred Customer membership. If a spouse engages in any activity which, if performed by the Preferred Customer, would violate the Terms & Conditions, the activity will be considered a violation by the membership and FarmGreat may take action pursuant to the Agreement as well as any other legal remedies against the membership.

Limits and Sales as a Preferred Customer

Preferred Customers may purchase Products for their own personal use and that of their families. However, Preferred Customers will not directly resell his FarmGreat Products to others in any way. However, Preferred Customers may sell products through his assigned FarmGreat Website to retail customers, through e-commerce sites, share his assigned FarmGreat Website social and products in social media or personal websites. Preferred Customers may sponsor other Preferred Customers, Registered Retail Customer but cannot sponsor Affiliate Marketer or Member Associate. In addition, Preferred Customers is limited to genealogy track, but may earn compensation from FarmGreat as inscribed at Preferred Customers Reward Plan page

Notification Process

Any notice provided by FarmGreat will be mailed and/or emailed to the Preferred Customer’s physical address and/or email of record with FarmGreat. Legal holds are the exception to this notification process and will be effective immediately with or without notification in the event conduct of the Preferred Customer account is deemed to be suspicious or deleterious activity to FarmGreat’s business or reputation in the sole discretion of FarmGreat.

Cancellation of Your Preferred Customer Membership

You may cancel your Preferred Customer account at any time by ending Account Termination request email to When account is terminated, outstanding commissions and benefits at time of termination shall be forfeited.

If at the sole discretion of FarmGreat, it is determined that a Preferred Customer has violated any term of these Terms and Conditions, FarmGreat reserves the right to cancel any Preferred Customer membership at any time for any reason, or no reason at all, with or without notice.

Use of Preferred Customer’s Name, Likeness or Image

Preferred Customers consent to FarmGreat’s use of his or her name, testimonial, and image or likeness in connection with advertising, promoting and publicizing the FarmGreat opportunity, Products or any FarmGreat -related event.

Preferred Customers also consent to FarmGreat providing their contact information to their designated Preferred Customer Sponsor.

Reporting Adverse Reactions or Consumer Complaints

If a Preferred Customer experiences, or becomes aware of, any adverse reaction to FarmGreat Product or has a consumer complaint, they should contact Customer Service as soon as possible at 234-802-992-0827

Integrated Agreement

Together the Preferred Customer enrollment process and the Preferred Customer Terms and Conditions, FarmGreat privacy policye, FarmGreat personal website policy, General Rules and Policies, Affiliate Marketers terms and conditions and Retail Consumers Terms and Conditions as may be applicable and amended constitute the agreement, (“Agreement”) between FarmGreat and each Preferred Customer, which sets forth the entire agreement between FarmGreat and the Preferred Customer and supersedes any and all prior oral or written agreements or understandings between any FarmGreat representations, its Member Associates and Affiliate Marketers and Preferred Customers. The Agreement may not be altered or amended, except as provided in the Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time, or by other written notice by FarmGreat. Should any discrepancy exist between the terms of the Agreement and verbal representations made to any Preferred Customer by any FarmGreat employee, the terms and requirements of the Agreement will prevail. Should any discrepancy exist between the terms contained in the Preferred Customer online enrollment process and the Preferred Customer Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions will prevail.

FarmGreat may amend the Preferred Customer Program Terms and Conditions periodically, at its sole discretion. The most updated Terms and Conditions are available on the FarmGreat website and are applicable to all FarmGreat Preferred Customers.

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